12 Fabulous Types of African Wedding Dresses

For your long-waited day to be successful and memorable, you have to be fully prepared. From clothes, venue, and guests to food, drinks, and bridesmaids, everything has got to be just perfect.

The most important part, nonetheless, is your wedding dress. It is quite challenging to have that dream wedding without an immaculate wedding dress, especially if you want a dress that talks more about a particular culture.

African wedding dresses, for instance, provides an extensive pool to choose from, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Egypt inspired designs, among others. If you are in the market for African wedding dresses, here are some of the top options that will make your day remarkable.

Plain Red Plus African Color Prints Dress

The beauty of choosing red is that it blends seamlessly with our dark skin. For this particular dress, red flower crowns are an excellent addition.

Let your designer know what you want to ensure the dress comes out as desired and looks as you pictured it. This dress allows you to show your creativity and nature.


Ghana wedding attires are made from a special material known as Kente. The shape of this dress is fascinating as it captures attention with sparks brightening the big day.

Kente is also used to decorate African wedding dresses to make them appealing and attractive. You can personalize your clothing to suit your taste and preferences.

Thin Strap, Bear Back Long African Dress

The dress shows constant gratitude for the African culture. It shows the woman’s curves below the hip and spreads out towards the ground.

The dress will also show a bit of cleavage. Feel the glow with thin straps, bear back long African dress. The stylish design goes well with any body type, is easy to put on, and adds elegance to your big day.

Sleeveless African Print Dress

This design is ideal for any body type, but it looks more beautiful if worn by a bride with a defined waistline.

If you select this design, have an attractive color and patterns to let the dress show how happy you are. For a dress that is simple and elegant, go for the Sleeveless African Print Dress.

One Shoulder Dress Design

This design has been in the market for some time now, but it’s very classy.

For this particular style to fit in your wedding, look for a distinct material that will make you feel comfortable. With a one-shoulder dress, you will not have to worry about your shape as it has effortlessly fashionable elements and can complement any figure.

If you add some accessories to the dress, you might be amazed by what you come up with.

Maasai Wedding Gown

The Maasai have a beautiful and vibrant culture that you can borrow from for your wedding. Maasai wedding attire is among the most popular in East Africa, and with its elegant designs, your wedding can’t go wrong. What makes it even more beautiful are those beautiful “shukas” (meaning wraps) tied nicely around the body.

The simple designs make it a comfortable choice and, coupled with the Maasai jewels, deliver a stunning bride.

Swaziland Emahiya Traditional Wedding Dress

You will fall in love with the Swaziland Emahiya wedding dresses.

The dresses are exquisitely designed, and colors carefully picked to signify particular elements. For instance, white stands for purity, black signify marriage, and wealth, while red stands for fertility. Choosing the dress lets you not only look great for the occasion but also set the right mood as you take the vows. Emahiya’s traditional wedding dress will make you feel like a goddess.

Long African Print Mermaid Wedding Dress

For a queen’s pleasure, mermaid dress design is an excellent pick. This dress shows clearing the body curves, and the splendid spread outward makes it a great choice.

Multi-patterns from Ankara fabrics make it stand out at a wedding. With Ankara fabric, nothing can go wrong as you can complement your dress with jewelry or any other accessory. For a wedding, your mermaid dress can be widened and long to sweep the floor if you wish.

African Print Midi Wedding Dress

This dress is made outstanding by color, meaning the color you select for the wedding dress will determine its attraction. The dress enfolds the body nicely on the upper part but diverges outwardly from the waistline downwards. For elegance and effortlessness, use a patterned fabric. You may decide to have this dress made with a full, round with a scarf a touched to the neck, V-shape, just to mention a few. In this dress, you will not need to wear a necklace.

African Pencil Wedding Dress

If you want your wedding dress to show body curves, an African pencil wedding dress is perfect for you. This dress fits according to body size, and it looks more elegant on a small-bodied person. Feel beautiful in your pencil dress and show off your figure and sexy legs. To stylish the dress, you may add a scarf to harmonize your fashion.

Off-Shoulder Ankara African Midi Wedding Dress

The open neck and shoulders give this dress a trendy and sophisticated look. Make your dress more appealing by using different patterns. The beauty of diverse patterns is that they synchronize each other. If you feel there is a need to add any accessory or jewel to praise your elegant look.

Dashiki Dress

For stylish decent wedding dress, a high slit dashiki dress is the way to go. This gorgeous dress never dissatisfies. The long slit delivers an amazing edge look.

You cannot resist the dashiki dress.

The upper body is almost entirely covered, and the lower part made elegant by the long slit. For this particular dress, the fabric and color will determine the level of attention the bride will display.

The wedding dresses listed above are some of the top modernized African wedding dresses to choose from. Having what you want to wear and a qualified tailor and designer, it is easier now.

You do not have to struggle or drop a sweat looking for a great wedding dress, for they are readily available. No ordering months before the big day, with the African dress, all you need is to get your desired dress. Ensure it fits you and matches with your jewels and accessories. Enjoy your long-awaited day to the fullest.

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