Traditional African Clothing from Nigeria: 7 Fantastic Styles

Traditional African Clothing from Nigeria: 7 Fantastic Styles

Nigeria is among the most populated countries in Africa.  The country has many ethnic groups who speak different languages. The largest ethnic groups include Fulani, Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo people.

Every ethnic group has its own culture and traditional attire. In many parts of the country, people prefer wearing western outfits. But in some places, traditional Nigerian clothes are worn daily. Still, in other areas, people only wear traditional outfits for occasions such as weddings, religious gatherings, and festivals.  These traditional African attires are also worn as casual outfits.

Here is a list of 7 fantastic traditional Nigerian clothing styles to try.

1.     Yoruba Styles

The Yoruba people are famous for their gorgeous clothing styles. For them, clothes indicate wealth and status. The Yoruba people have different outfits for different occasions. There are outfits for specific events like funerals, religious gatherings, weddings, and festivals. Some of these clothes include:

Ø  Buba

Buba is a Yoruba word used to describe upper clothing. It is a loose-fitting top with a round or V-shaped neckline. For women, you can pair Buba with a wrapper and a headgear. But for men, it is paired with trousers and a hat.

Ø  Sokotos

Sokotos are traditional Nigerian attires. They are loose-fitting trousers which are worn by Yoruba men. Sokotos can be worn with Buba.

Ø  Iro

Traditionally, the Yoruba women of Nigeria wore an Iro. This is a long wrap-skirt paired with the Buba. It is worn by wrapping around the waist and tying it at the end.

Ø  Agbada

Agbada is a four-piece traditional outfit worn by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It is a voluminous free-flowing robe worn with an undervest and a pair of loose-fitting trousers. Agbada is paired with Fila (hat) to complete the look. The large robe is usually covered by embroidery. The volume and the density of the embroidery depend on how much a person can afford.

Agbada Traditional African Clothing

2.     Gele

A Gele is a traditional headgear that is common among Yoruba women. It is commonly used as a fashion accessory for different occasions. While some people wear Gele daily, others wear them for special events. The Gele is usually paired with another traditional outfit.

Are you looking to stand out at the wedding? Then it would be best if you tried pairing your outfit with Gele. It will not only add color to your outfit but also give you a queen stature.

3.     Ankara Clothing Style

Ankara, also known as kitenge, is a colorful fabric. It is trendy in Nigeria. Ankara fabric is used to knit clothes for both men and women. As the fashion industry keeps changing, the Ankara style gets more diverse.

Ankara Traditional African Clothing

The Ankara style is a fashion trend that you should keep up with if you love style. There are different fabrics with different prints, and this is what makes it unique. You can wear Ankara outfits with other plain outfits for different occasions. If you are looking for a unique outfit, you should try Ankara.

4.     Aso Ebi Styles

Aso Ebi style is a traditional Nigerian outfit for men. Every Nigerian man who respects himself and his roots should have traditional outfits in his wardrobe. Aso Ebi style is not only an excellent look for traditional occasions but also casual as well as work. It consists of a well-fitting dashiki shirt paired with a well-fitting pair of trousers.

Aso Ebi Traditional African Clothing

The shirt comes in different colors with little or no embroidery. If you are looking for an everyday outfit, Aso Ebi style is the right choice. But for more festive occasions, shirts with embroidery near the collar or on the chest are better.

5.     Atiku Clothing Style

Atiku style is popular among the sophisticated men in Nigeria. Have you rocked the Agbada, Aso Ebi, or kaftan? Well, its time you try the Atiku clothing style. There is a variety of these styles to choose from. The Atiku style is named after the former vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar. Most of his clothes were made from this fabric, and many people loved them.

Atiku Traditional African Clothing

The Atiku style is for people who like plain and simple outfits. It consists of a well-fitting top and trousers. You can choose to add embroidery or other desired designs. For a man who wants to be extra, you can add the Agbada robe.

6.     Kaftan Style

Kaftan is a traditional outfit mostly worn by people living in Northern Nigeria. Initially, the style was popular among the Hausa people of Nigeria. But today, it is worn by people from other tribes. Kaftan is simple and easy to wear. It does not have any limits; you can wear it to any event.

The kaftan style consists of an ankle-length long-sleeved shirt paired with long pants. It is the best outfit for people who don’t like complicated outfits. Also, the style can be modified to fit your taste and personality. Interestingly, it can be modified to accommodate women.

7.     Aso Oke Hat

The Aso Oke hat is a traditional Nigerian headwear. It is made of handwoven velvet, cotton, damask, or oke. Initially, the hats were made in Nigeria, but today, they are worn by other men of African descent. The hat is worn with one side slouching to rest above the ear.  If it is slouching to the right side, it signifies bachelorhood, and the left side is an indicator you are married.

The hat can be worn with Agbada, Atiku, or the Aso Ebe outfits. It can be modified to match your outfit. If you are attending a traditional wedding or a festival, you should try the Aso oke Hat.

Bottom Line

If you are a trendy person, there is a variety of traditional African outfits from Nigeria to wear. You can decide to wear something with patterns or something plain. Traditional outfits can also be accessorized with necklaces and bangles.

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