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Hello everyone, and welcome to The Nubian Queen website. The idea of African royalty, especially queens and princesses, has been a passion of mine ever since I was a little girl. On this site I hope to express that love and passion, and hopefully pass it on to anyone who is intrigued and fascinated by African royalty.


My name is Sandra K. My mom’s nickname (from long before I was born, was Princess). After I was born my mom thought it was a funny and playful joke to nickname me Queen, but she didn’t expect it to last.

For whatever reason, the “joke” has lasted for a few decades now. In high school, I became passionate about African history, and not surprisingly, I was mesmerized by strong and outspoken queens and princesses. My friends in high school further fine tuned my nickname to The Nubian Queen… And that is where it all started.


African history is full of very rich and captivating stories of monarchies. This interesting history is largely forgotten because it is not taught in schools anywhere around the world today.

It is generally taken for granted that African societies have always been primitive and backwards and uncivilized before the European colonial powers attacked and occupied Africa.

The truth however, is that before the Europeans arrived, African history has always been filled with magnificent kingdoms and opulent empires. Africa had great cities, functioning and in-depth economies, not to mention unspoken wealth.


This is not an academic website. I will simply feature my favourite kings and queens from kingdoms and empires past to give you a taste of our magnificent history.

As you may already know, the Urban Dictionary describes “Nubian Queen” as:

A woman with African heritage. A Nubian Queen (A Black Woman) is a woman who usually has a dark skin complexion and thick kinky or coily hair.

As such I will also feature past and contemporary women who have done and are doing exemplary things to better their communities and help their countries.

Additionally, I will also write about black women leaders and influencers outside of Africa, such as the ones who led rebellions during the slavery period, or civil rights leaders in the United States, as well as outstanding actors and singer song writers.

Your comments and questions are enthusiastically encouraged.

All the best,

Sandra K. (aka The Nubian Queen)

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