African Clothing for Women: 8 Fine Styles to Try

What is striking about African clothing for women is that though they have evolved, they have done so without losing their traditional flair. These outfits are available is a myriad of styles to make you stand out in any casual or formal occasion.

The styles we’ll discuss shortly don’t just have an amazing look; they’re also of exceptional quality. Apart from being from Africa’s best designers, they’re usually handmade, which makes their structure quite sturdy.

But the main reason these styles are so special is that they often have some traditional values attached to the design and cultural preferences included in the final stitching. Most of the dresses that win the most admiration have evolved from traditional styles to include modern tastes.

If you are exploring the African fashion category, here are eight of the finest African women dress styles worth checking out.

1. African Mermaid Dress

Mermaid-styled dresses are truly and uniquely African. That is not only because the style has been in existence for a long time, but also because western design influence has never really interfered with the dress’s original design.

What stands out the most in the dress design is the flowing bottom part that makes it look classy and unabridged.

The mermaid dress is the ideal African clothing for women to wear for any occasion.

This design offers a variety of interesting and unique options such as different neck designs to add glamour or sleeveless and low back designs that borrow the best features from other African dress types.

If you do not have a mermaid dress in your wardrobe, you should make a point of trying on at least one this year.

2. Skater Dress

Skater dresses made from African print fabrics are quite beautiful and can be worn for any casual occasion.

This style is best described in terms of the comfort it offers and the elegance it exudes.

Being the ultimate in figure-flattering and super-wearable dress, the skater style dress is not only easy to dress up or down, but also ideal for all body shapes and sizes.

Designers have come up with many different options of the skater dress including options for mini or midi length, full sleeves or sleeveless, and unique print patterns and plain designs.

A common design trend of the African skater dress in 2020 is the wrap-around mini skater dress that truly flatters a plum or full figure body.

This dress is comfortable, simplistic in design, and impresses both from afar and close.

3. Bell-Sleeves African Dress

The popularity of older and more traditional designs of the bell-sleeves African dress is the main reason these kinds of dress designs keep evolving with new additions and even more appealing looks.

This dress is a perfect combination of minimalist multi-colored African prints with the African verbose women dress design.

It also happens to be one of the finest African print outfits for the plus-sized figure.

The design exaggerates the sleeves to give an appearance of balance and confidence. The materials used to stitch this dress may often include spandex and polyester to produce a perfect fit that flatters any feminine African body figure.

If you do not have this dress in your collection already, are you even passionate about modern African dress designs?

4.  Off-Shoulder African Dress

As the name suggests, this is a dress design that does not cover the shoulder. The popularity of this style of dresses began with the embracement of the design by Ghanaian women.

Gradually, the entire continent has embraced this outfit design as designers keep making impressive innovations with the attire.

This is a perfect dress to wear any time you need to bring out the feminine vibe and impress everyone you meet without even looking in their direction. Being minimalist in design, the off-shoulder dress must be complemented with the right accessories, purse, and shoes to give a killer look.

5.  African Ankara Dress

There is a good reason why Ankara has risen to become one of the top fashion brands in Africa: it all has to do with the way it let the culture grow, and in particular, how they supply the market with the finest fabrics and amazingly designed dresses and skirts.

Some of Ankara’s best African dress designs include the short-sleeved V-neck dress with a sheath gown and a frontal cut.

This is a must-have dress in your wardrobe if you are the kind of woman with sensational looks, hips that pop out, and an unmissable behind.

This dress comes in golden and purple print colors to give it a graceful feel as it shines in the light.

6. One-Shoulder Straight Dress

This dress design is inspired by the most recent global dress fashion trends. Wish to look more graceful and ‘upright’? Try this design.

The dress is imprinted in such a manner that every color and print gives out a glittering effect. The effect of making the one-shoulder dress from a golden-color material is that it gives the wearer a feeling of shining – much like a twinkling star.

Being full-length and tight, this is the perfect dress for a woman to wear when they want their sexy appearance to show – in any formal or informal occasion. You can wear this dress to a casual dinner just as appropriately as you would in an office party.

To date, this remains one of the best African dress designs you will find out there.

7. African Pencil Dress

In case you haven’t noticed, most dress fashions and styles covered in this post are figure-hugging designs that aim at bringing out the best of an African woman.

It is classy, chic, and a style that will never be out of fashion. The African pencil dress, as the name implies, is another addition to this list.

Ever since pencil dresses began to become popular, different designs have emerged as designers strive to cover women’s bodies of different sizes and shapes.

The most interesting thing about the pencil dress is that it can be worn in a funeral just as comfortably as it would in an office.

This wardrobe must-have dress is considered one of the best African-styled dinner dresses. Design variations include turtle neck and mini-turtle neck designs and short and detached long sleeves.

8. African Kitenge Dress

The Kitenge material is very popular all over East, Central, and West Africa. The material can be used to make dresses for both men and women.

If you have ever seen a beautiful woman in a dashing print dress complemented by a man wearing a similar-styled outfit, know that it is a Kitenge.

The dress often comes complete with a headscarf but there are numerous dress design options to suit any taste and occasion. These include deep back dresses and more recently sleeveless style kitenge dress.

As African print dresses quickly evolve to become one of the best fashion statements in the world, every woman who fancies these dress designs must put the effort into updating their wardrobe at least once a year.

This post highlights the best African clothing for women to consider. If you have not found a dress to mesmerize the people around you and feel great in 2020, these are worthy trying.

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