African Earrings for Different Occasions

African earrings come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs, thanks to the diversity of the African continent. Rich in culture, almost every tribe in Africa has its set of jewelry that is associated with particular occasions. Here are some of the most popular African earrings that would go well with your African dress or any other piece of African clothing of your choice.

Beaded African Earrings

African jewelry is never complete without talking about beads. These earrings have gained popularity across the borders of Africa, because of their affordability, pure elegance, colorful nature, and the ease of use. 

They are more common in East and Southern Africa and can be worn with both formal and casual attire. The tricky part is the patience that it takes to have them done since the tiny beads are assembled by hand.

There are experts who specialize in this, but the good thing is that you can buy beads and create almost anything out of them on your own. Custom beaded earrings are also presented to friends and relatives as special gifts. 

African Print Earrings

Africa is rich in the fabric as she is in every other aspect of culture. African print earrings are made from fabric and are less common compared to the other types.

There are different prints associated with different tribes, and the motifs on the prints are decided upon by the fabric companies. They are popularly referred to as ‘Ankara”.  Once the fabric is available, you can let your designer come up with any type of earing from these printed fabrics.

The quicker option is to go for ready Africa print earrings on the jewelry stores.  The advantage of these is that you can make them from the same material as your African dress and African headdress, which would go perfectly well.

Gold African Earrings

Do you want to look naturally African while portraying elegance and classic taste? Gold African earrings deigned from brass or brass metal mix is the best for you.

They can be shaped in line with your taste, and very easy to polish. To achieve their full impact, wearing them to a very formal occasion would be the best way to put them to use.

Silver African Earrings

Light Aluminum metal is used in the making of the Silver African Earrings, as it is malleable and can be twisted to take any shape and design.

Etching can be used to create patterns on the earrings, and then they are rubbed over shoe-polish or charcoal to create shading.

Wooden African Earrings

There are several designs that you can create out of Wooden African Earrings. This is what makes them very popular, as you can customize your earrings to portray your personality and moods.

In fact, you can paint designs on your earrings and continually change them to suit your moods on different occasions. This, however, depends on the sizes and shapes of the earrings.

Apart from painting, you can curve shapes or burn-in patterns according to your liking. These earrings occasionally come with decorative touches of metal or beads.

Bone African Earrings

Bone African Earrings can be traced a long way back in history, as it played a major role in most tribes’ cultures.

Mostly made from repurposed cow bone, these earrings are a unique form of art that deeply brings out a sense of connection with the African culture.

You can wear these to African art shows or other special occasions, and they can go well with both casual and formal dressing. To improve aesthetic appearance, they are dipped in acid to come up with beautiful pattern.

Tips for Wearing African Earrings

  • Compliment your colors. For beaded earrings, the dominant color should match your dress, top, or trouser. In the absence of a dominant color, you can put them on with any outfit that bears any of the colors.
  • Go for earrings that flatter your face, with regards to the shape of your face, and bring out the best in you
  • Ensure your earrings are not too big, to stop them from overpowering you
  • Pick earrings according to the occasion.
  • Be creative and try different designs that can bring out your personality.
  • Less is more; don’t overdo jewelry, especially if your style is heavy and exaggerated.
  • Get a matching necklace and bracelet

Whichever design, material, shape or size that you’d opt for, it’s more advisable to shop for African earrings from open-air markets, rather than malls and high-end jewelry shops, especially if you want to spend sparingly.

More often than not, the open-air traders supply the malls and jewelry shops, and so they sell at lower prices since they are the original designers. Most African earrings are economical and traditional; they are no longer purely functional but are more aesthetically pleasing.

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